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Dive into the dynamic intersection of business and technology with ”Digital Dialogues: Business & Tech.” This podcast explores the transformative power of digital innovations and their profound impact on industries, markets, and consumer behaviors. Join us as we engage with experts, researchers, and thought leaders, unraveling complex topics and presenting them in engaging, digestible dialogues. Whether you’re a business professional, tech enthusiast, or just curious about the digital world, tune in to discover insights, trends, and the stories shaping our digital future.

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Thursday Jan 04, 2024

In this episode of Digital Dialogues, titled "Digital Gold Rush: Exploring Crypto Investment in the UAE," we delve into the vibrant world of cryptocurrency investments in the United Arab Emirates. Join us as we talk with Dr. Ahmed Shuhaiber, one of the authors of a groundbreaking study, to unravel the factors driving the region's crypto boom. From personal motivations to market trends, we explore what fuels the UAE's digital currency fervor and what it means for the future of finance.

Monday Nov 13, 2023

Kick off 'Digital Dialogues: Business & Tech' with our first episode featuring Dr. Mohammad Kuhail, discussing his paper 'Interacting with Educational Chatbots.' Uncover how chatbots are revolutionizing learning and teaching. Perfect for educators, students, and tech enthusiasts, this episode offers key insights into the future of digital education. Join us for an enlightening conversation on the role and potential of chatbots in classrooms


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In an era where digital transformation is reshaping every facet of our lives, "Digital Dialogues: Business & Tech" offers a front-row seat to the revolution. Delve deep into the heart of how technology and business intertwine, influencing markets, consumer behaviors, and the very fabric of our modern world. Our conversations go beyond the surface, bringing you expert insights, groundbreaking research, and thought-provoking discussions with leaders at the forefront of the digital frontier. What sets us apart? Our commitment to making complex topics accessible, engaging, and relevant for everyone. Whether you're navigating the digital landscape in your career, curious about the latest tech trends, or simply eager to stay informed, this is the podcast for you. So, why wait? Hit play and embark on a journey that promises to enlighten, inspire, and challenge your perspective on the digital world.

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